Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making an Outfit with Bi-Coastal Influence

by Danielle Dunn

Can I call myself a Bostonian after only living here for six months? If you’re a Boston native, then I don’t blame you for rolling your eyes, at this question. But, since I do live here, I’m taking the title.

I came from California and I brought my funky wardrobe to New England with me. A bunch of college kids did. My point: Not all Bostonians wear tweed and pleats. There’s some funk in this city.

And by “funk” I mean “Kentucky Derby hats, bedazzled shoes, leather pants (sorry, vegans), and materials that excite the eyes.”

Pieces like these are fabulous on their own. They look best when paired with less flashy pieces.

To accomplish this, I give you the button-down cardigan. Boston has taught me the beauty of this, which calms down any outfit to create a perfect pH balance.

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Courtesy of Topshop

If you don’t agree, picture any of Katy Perry’s outfits and then add a cardigan. The cardigan calms down the funk, right?

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Courtesy of Celebutopia

Too much of anything is bad–too much of the same color or too much water. Yes, people have died from the latter. Moderation is key, so if you’re a funk-lover, balance the piece that pops with something neutral.