Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Song Style: Dressing the Prep

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to break out the clothes for it (if you haven’t already). Bright colors and clean cuts are essentials for any prep outfit, so find your twist on it this summer, whether you’re out playing tennis, shopping in the mall, or out with your crew. Each of the following songs has a specific lyric that can give you three different types of “prep” looks. So go ahead and pop your polo in the summer sun, and look as fresh as you feel while you do it.

Gwen Stefani- “Rich Girl”

“If I was a wealthy girl, think what that money could bring; I’d buy everything.”

Don’t have any regrets this summer and definitely don’t be shy. Go bold when dressing preppy by picking loud pieces.  Start with colored pants and a striped blazer. If you want to put your money into a staple piece, this Juicy Couture blazer is undoubtedly versatile. Solidify your pricey look with clean accessories like Oasis sandals and a black velvet clutch, neither of which need to be over twenty dollars. Put on celebrity shades and shape-centered jewelry (gold studs, a circle chair necklace, or any other piece of jewelry with a defined shape) and you’re worth millions.

Song Style Prep

Weezer – “Beverly Hills”

“I didn’t go to boarding schools … Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be.”

Get the boarding school look without enrolling. The easiest way to pull off the prep look is with a plain polo and knitted sport cardigan from Aeropostale to Ralph Lauren. Stay comfortable with a simple pair of shorts like these from J. Crew. A Tory Burch bag would be ideal, but poke around Target to find similar styles. Your jewelry should stay basic and simple–you don’t have to fool yourself or others to show you know how to dress this way. Maybe tie the sweater around your neck as you walk off to the beach to trick them all into thinking you do go to that swanky academy.

Song Style Prep

Blink-182 – “Give Me One Good Reason”

“So give me one good reason why we need to look like them … Hate the jocks, the preps…”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress preppy but disliking the attitude and title that goes with the look. You can still pop your polo without looking like you play tennis every week: keep things basic with a polished skirt and white collared shirt. Vary things, though, by getting a layered collar, like this Dorothy Perkins one, that breaks apart the traditional pointed collar. Sport simple black Mary Janes and a striped clutch, but use your jewelry to break the mold. Betsey Johnson is known for her creative pieces, and this bold flower necklace is as fun as it looks, with small ladybugs and butterflies hidden in the leaves. Keep the jungle flair by wearing parrot earrings and you’ve got the prep look without having to convince everyone you’re a part of the local country club.

Song Style Prep